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Vivo IPL 2020 : Match Schedule, Teams Fixtures, Match Locations, Squads

Vivo IPL 2020 : Match Schedule, Teams Fixtures, Match Locations, Squads

Vivo IPL 2020 is going to be very exciting. In this page you will find
  • Match Schedule
  • Team schedule
  • Match Locations
  • IPL 2020 Squad

There are the IPL 2020 Match Fixtures, given Below.

Match No.Date & TimeTeamsVenue
1March 29th, 2020MI Vs CSKMumbai
2March 30th, 2020DC Vs KXIPDelhi
3March 31st, 2020RCB Vs KKRBengaluru
4April 1st, 2020SRH Vs MIHyderabad
5April 2nd, 2020CSK Vs RRChennai
6April 3rd, 2020KKR Vs DCKolkata
7April 4th, 2020KXIP Vs SRHMohali
8April 5th 2020MI Vs RCBMumbai
9April 5th 2020RR Vs DC
10April 6th 2020KKR Vs CSKKolkata
11April 7th 2020RCB Vs SRHBengaluru
12April 8th 2020KXIP Vs MIMohali
13April 9th 2020RR Vs KKR
14April 10th 2020DC Vs RCBDelhi
15April 11th 2020CSK Vs KXIPChennai
16April 12th 2020SRH Vs RRHyderabad
17April 12th 2020KKR Vs MIKolkata
18April 13th 2020DC Vs CSKDelhi
19April 14th 2020KXIP Vs RCBMohali
20April 15th 2020MI Vs RRMumbai
21April 16th 2020SRH Vs KKRHyderabad
22April 17th 2020KXIP Vs CSKMohali
23April 18th 2020RCB Vs RRBengaluru
24April 19th 2020DC Vs KKRDelhi
25April 19th 2020CSK Vs SRHChennai
26April 20th 2020MI Vs KXIPMumbai
27April 21st 2020RR Vs SRHJaipur
28April 22nd 2020RCB Vs DCBengaluru
29April 23rd 2020KKR Vs KXIPKolkata
30April 24th 2020CSK Vs MIChennai
31April 25th 2020RR Vs RCBJaipur
32April 26th 2020KXIP Vs KKRMohali
33April 26th 2020SRH Vs DCHyderabad
34April 27th 2020CSK Vs RCBChennai
35April 28th 2020MI Vs KKRMumbai
36April 29th 2020RR Vs KXIPJaipur
37April 30th 2020SRH Vs CSKHyderabad
38May 1st 2020MI vs DCMumbai
39May 2nd 2020KKR Vs RRKolkata
40May 3rd 2020RCB Vs KXIPBengaluru
41May 3rd 2020DC Vs SRHDelhi
42May 4th 2020RR Vs CSKJaipur
43May 5th 2020SRH Vs RCBHyderabad
44May 6th 2020DC Vs MIDelhi
45May 7th 2020CSK Vs KKRChennai
46May 8th 2020KXIP Vs RRMohali
47May 9th 2020MI Vs SRHMumbai
48May 10th 2020CSK Vs DCChennai
49May 10th 2020KKR Vs RCBKolkata
50May 11st 2020RR Vs MIJaipur
51May 12th 2020SRH Vs KXIPHyderbad
52May 13th 2020DC Vs RRDelhi
53May 14th 2020RCB Vs CSKBengaluru
54May 15th 2020KKR Vs SRHKolkata
55May 16th 2020KXIP Vs DCMohali
56May 17th 2020RCB Vs MIBengaluru
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