Saturday, 25 April 2020

Sachin Tendulkar made the list of best all-rounders, Pakistan players also included

Sachin Tendulkar made the list of best all-rounders, Pakistan players also included

India's legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar turned 47 on Friday. Along with his fans, fellow players were among those who congratulated Sachin on his birthday. On this memorable day, Sachin made the list of his five top all-rounders, in which world champion captain Kapil Dev was the first to be selected, while former Pakistan captain Imran Khan was also included.

Sachin spoke on the Star Sports show Cricket Connects on his birthday. He named his favorite all-rounder. Sachin's list includes top Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev of India, Imran Khan of Pakistan, Sir Richards Headley of New Zealand, Malcolm Marsal of Australia and Ian Botham.

He said, "I grew up watching five top all-rounders in the world. Kapil Dev is one of the ones I played with. The others are those who got a chance to play against Pakistan on their first tour. Imran Khan is a Pakistani all-rounder."

"The third name I can remember is Sir Richards Hedlan, New Zealand's second tour of New Zealand. It was then played in Australia against Malcom Marcel and Ian Botham."

"So here are my top five all-rounders whom I grew up watching and later got a chance to play against them as well."

Sachin Tendulkar a world class all-rounder

Sachin, who has a record of batting, is known for batting but it was also a great bowling. In fact, Sachin has reversed many things about his spin bowling for Team India. He has bowled more in ODIs than Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar and Imran Khan. Sachin has bowled 8054 while Akhtar has bowled 7764 and Imran has bowled 7461 balls. Sachin has taken 46 wickets in Tests and 154 wickets in ODIs.

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