Thursday, 10 June 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Tournaments in the world

Top 10 Most Popular Cricket Tournaments in the world

Popular cricket tournament

When it comes to playing cricket, passion is the single most driving factor for everyone involved followed by patriotism and therefore cricket, as a singular game, has been drawing attention from billions around the globe on a yearly basis. Yes, the viewership of cricket tournaments around the world is enough to turn heads, especially for those who love to hear the cracking sound that bat makes when the batsman sends the bowl to the boundary.

For those of you cricket lovers who are still new to the game and are trying hard to find the right tournament for them, we have narrowed down some of the best spaces of the game where you can find the sports entertainment in just the right quantity. Here are five of the best cricket tournaments around the world.  

1. ICC world test championship

Brought on about by the international cricket council in august 2019, ICC world test championship represents the truest and oldest spirit of the game where test teams from around the world fight each other for duration of test to determine who the best test team in the world is.

2. ICC cricket world cup

ICC cricket world cup is the ultimate test for both those who play cricket and who love to watch cricket as teams from around the world battle each other to find out the real one day cricket champion of the whole world. The event happens every four years and therefore, the excitement is extra ordinary.

3. ICC champions trophy

ICC champion’s trophy comes only second to the cricket world cup and therefore the power play and passion that is exhibited in world cup is displayed with the same enthusiasm in champion’s trophy. This tournament is being played since the 1998 and is otherwise known as the ICC knockout tournament. If you are one of those people who love a thriller that decides the fate then and there, ICC champions’ trophy is your cup of tea.

4. ICC T20 world cup

Amazing thrillers, catchy themes, short format, sparkling pointers and ready to move fans are all the aspects of T20 cricket and when it’s about the ICC T20 world cup how can one forget that this is all there is when it comes to the thrill and excitement.

5- Indian Premiere League

The IPL is the most popular cricket league in the world, ranking sixth among all sports leagues in terms of average attendance in 2014. The IPL was the first sporting event in the world to be streamed live on YouTube in 2010. Almost all of the best international players are eligible to participate in the IPL. Because of the league's strength, international boards have decided not to arrange games during the IPL season.

6- Pakistan Super league

If you are one of those people who are fond of low scoring thrillers and high scoring easy wins then PSL is for you. You can easily watch PSL live along with other matches and sports on – a free OTT platform. Pakistan super league has, at best, the spirit of cricket infused in its every over and in fact every bowl is an epitome of what the cricket fans want from cricket tournaments. 

7- Asia Cup

Established as one of the most anticipated cups around the world, Asia cup has been played since 1983 consisting of the countries in the Asian cricket council which are roughly 24 countries. There are a lot of sweet and sour memories of the people living in sub-continent associated with this particular cup that was originally scheduled to be held every two years.

8- Champions league Twenty20

Top dogs of the domestic level from major cricketing nations compete in the champions league twenty20 also known as CLT20 and the competition is really exciting as all of the players try their level best to prove their metal. Because it’s a twenty over competition the results come quickly and everybody gets to see their favorite team win easily. 

9- Ashes series

Considered as one of the best rival series played between Australia and England this series started in 1882 and the unique name has been coined and used since then. Currently the trophy is with Australia and the title of most wicket taker is with Shane Warne. Both the nations go extremely crazy when the series starts because either side has a tough history that they like to rewrite every time both teams clash.

10- Big Bash league

Founded in 2011 by Cricket Australia, big bash league has been the apple of eye for many around the world. This league is known for its fast paced deliveries and quick pitches that help make every match worth watching. People around Australia specifically are hyper motivated about the days when this league is being played because after all it’s the big bash.